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About the Central Highlands Veterinary Group

Broadford and Wallan Veterinary Clinics

The Central Highlands Veterinary Group takes great pride in offering personalized and professional veterinary services. Our caring and compassionate team consistently strives to provide the highest quality care to our patients. Our vision is to be the best animal care team in Australia. We aim to achieve this goal by prioritising the human - animal bond, providing the highest standards of care and maintain our enthusiasm for what we do.

Our pets are an integril part of the family. The most enthusiastic to see us when we get home. The ones who celebrate even the smallest win with us. The ones who comfort us when we are cranky or down. Our children's playmates and confidants. They keep us fit, make us laugh and can even lower your blood pressure. 

At Central Highlands Veterinary Group we use low-stress handling, treats and pheremones so that we can make your pet's experience as pleasent and stress free as possible. Because we care about what kind of experience your pet has with us. We want them to be as happy and comfortable as we can make them! 

The team at Central Highlands Veterinary Group firmly believes that in order to provide the best quality care possible to your pet and the most comprehensive treatment options for you ongoing education is of the highest importance. We want to collaborate with you to ensure the best possible outcome for your pet. 

Our two practices at Broadford and Wallan are staffed by excellent veterinarians and nurses, all of whom are pet owners themselves and members of your community. Our clients are part of our family, not just a number.

Central Highlands Veterinary Group supports numerous community groups including the CFA, Rotary, and is a sponsor of the Broadford Secondary College school dogs and equine eventers.

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