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Pigs & Poultry

Information on disease treatment and prevention in pig and poultry production.

You will be delightfully surprised if you decide to raise chickens and then have them as pets but you need to know what chooks (as they are affectionately called in Australia) are like as pets and what the basic principles of chook parenting are.

Cattle Tick

The cattle tick is the most serious external parasite of cattle in Australia. It is widespread in many areas of the Northern Territory, Queensland and a small area of northeast NSW. 

Common Diseases of Backyard Poultry

The keeping of backyard poultry gives great enjoyment to many people. Unfortunately, poultry, just like dogs and cats, may become ill from many causes.

Crook Chooks

Chickens are easy to keep healthy but there are some common conditions and diseases that you need to watch, or you may end up having a crook chook.

Frequently Asked Questions About Liver Fluke

Liver fluke is an internal parasite that can infect and damage the livers and reduce the overall productivity of sheep, cattle, horses, pigs, goats, alpacas and deer.

Chickens make wonderful pets and unlike dogs and cats, you can eat their produce! If you’re considering getting a few chooks (as they are know affectionately in Australia) for your back yard you need to know how to make a chicken friendly chook house.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that colonises the kidneys and genital tract of the host. The disease can be spread to humans and other animals when leptospires are shed in the urine and from the reproductive tract into the surrounding environment.

Managing Animals During Hot Weather

Extreme heat causes significant stress for all animals. Here are some guidelines to help reduce the impacts of heat stress.

Nitrate accumulation in plants is a potential danger to grazing animals. It can cause two different disorders - nitrate poisoning and nitrite poisoning.

An easily avoidable disaster that can befall poultry enthusiasts is the introduction of disease into their flock.

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