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Information on disease treatment and prevention in sheep.

Animal Health in a Drought

Drought calls for hard economic decisions to be made, particularly on the fate of stock. Stock owners should obtain all available information to make the best decisions.

Anthrax in Animals
Anthrax has been recognised in Australia for over 150 years as a cause of sudden death in farm animals, particularly sheep and cattle.

Arthrogryposis in Calves

Arthrogryposis (joints fixed in abnormal positions) is a birth defect seen in cattle and sheep. Causes include viral infections of the dam as well as inherited defects.

Barber's Pole Worm In Sheep

Barber’s Pole worm is considered a significant internal parasite of sheep and goats worldwide.

While some diseases can be windborne and their entry cannot be totally prevented, having a well planned biosecurity strategy will help prevent the major production limiting diseases entering your farm.

Black Disease

Black disease is an acute, highly fatal disease of sheep, goats and cattle. Black disease is usually associated with a liver fluke infestation.


Blackleg is a generally fatal bacterial disease of young cattle or sheep of any age.

Botulism in Livestock

Botulism is a bacterial disease that can affect cattle, sheep, pigs, horses goats and poultry. It has no effective treatment so vaccination is the best preventative.

Clostridial Diseases of Sheep and Cattle

Blackleg, pulpy kidney (enterotoxaemia), black disease, tetanus, and malignant oedema are common causes of death in unvaccinated sheep and cattle. Other animals, particularly goats, are also susceptible.

Combatting Drench Resistance in Sheep

Drench resistance is widespread in Australia and is a major threat to our livestock industries.

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