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Pet (Small Animal) Veterinary Services

Central Highlands Veterinary Clinic offers a wide range of services for all species of pets and stock.


Consultations with our excellent Veterinarians are available 6 days a week.  A consultation consists of 15-30 mins in which the Vet will address any concerns you have with your pet and perform a general health check.  Bookings are essential for you convenience.

Call 5784-1088 (Broadford) or 5738-4356 (Wallan) to make an appointment. Please note that payment is required at time of service. Payment plans are available but strictly no accounts.

Digital Dental Radiography

The Broadford Clinic is equipped with state of the art dental radiography. 

Did you know that when you flip your pet's lip and look at the tooth what you can see is only a third of the total length of the tooth? That means that over 60% of the tooth cannot be assessed by simply looking at it!  You can't know what is happening beneath the surface without performing dental radiography. When we x-ray your pet's mouth we can identify and address sources of pain and infection that would otherwise be missed. 

Blood Pressure Monitoring

High blood pressure can have significant detrimental effects for your pet and can be a sign that there is an underlying illness which requires treatment. We perform regular blood pressure screens which are particularly recommended for pets suffering from heart and kidney diseases. We are also monitoring your pets blood pressure while they undergo anaesthesia in order to preserve their organ health.


The clinic is equipped with a fully functioning laboratory with the capability to perform routine cytology, blood testing, fecal analysis and urine analysis in clinic with same day results. For less routine testing both the Broadford and Wallan Vet Clinics offer external pathology services with twice daily pick-ups to NATA certified laboratories.


The Broadford Vet Clinic offers the highest standards of ultrasonic and radiographic imaging technology. 

Our digital x-ray unit developes films in minutes and produces high definition images.

Our ultrasound enables us to offer a range of diagnostic services from pregnancy confirmations to delicate procedures such as collecting samples from organs such as the liver. 



Central Highlands Veterinary Clinic has a fully equipped surgery capable of performing a range of surgeries from routine neutering, other soft tissue and occular procedures, dentisty and orthopedics.  

Central Highlands Veterinary Clinic uses the latest and safest anaesthetic agents and pain relief for your pets and an experienced nurse will monitor your pet throughout the procedure. All of our patients are actively warmed during their anaesthetics, are placed on intravenous fluids for safety and have their blood pressure, heart and breathing monitored continually by a dedicated nurse and our multiparameter monitor. 


Please note that payment is required at the time of discharge. Payment plans are available.


 Vaccinations are vital for prevention of Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo virus and Canine cough (Kennel cough) in our dogs.  We also recommends your dog receive a Proheart vaccination annually for protection against heartworm. 

We also offer in house titre testing for dogs. We can use titre testing in a number of ways. Essentially, titre testing measure the capacity for your dog's immune system to identify Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvo virus. If you would like more information on titre testing please contact the clinic!

Cats should be vaccinated, as a minimum, against Feline enteritis, Feline herpes virus, Feline calicivirus and Chlamidiosis. Feline immune-deficiency virus (FIV or feline aids) is a blood and mucus born disease of cats which is spread between cats during fights.  FIV is not treatable but we can vaccinate against it! If you have an indoor/ outdoor cat we recommend you upgrade your cat to an F5 vaccination.

The Veterinarians at Central Highlands Veterinary Clinic are also accredited Hendra vaccinators and the clinic stocks large animal vaccinations including Equivac and Ultravac 5 in 1’s. 


Puppy Pre-school

It’s not uncommon to go for many years between new puppies.  Our pets are living longer as nutritional and veterinary sciences continue to improve.  So it is not uncommon to forget what having a small bundle of energy (with a short attention span, tendencies to chew everything they can get their mouth around and toilet training misdeeds) around the house is like. 

This is where Puppy Preschool comes in! Run by Karen, who is a qualified dog trainer and behaviorist from Dog Solutions, one night a week over four weeks.

The Puppy Preschool class is a great refresher course for people who have owned dogs previously and for first time dog owners.  Fun and interactive, the class sets you up for a lifetime of success with your new addition. Puppies get the opportunity to socialize during crucial behavioural developemental periods in a safe environment.

Puppy Preschool also teaches pups to associate the clinic with positive experiences. If you have ever owned a vet-phoebic dog you know how stressful this makes any kind of medical treatment for all concerned!  

To register for Puppy Preschool, visit the Dog Solutions website (see our Links page!).

Pet supplies

A full range of super-premium diets, treats, collars, grooming supplies, coats, supplements, flea treatment, worming products and other over the counter products can be purchased from our friendly and knowledgeable staff at the reception desk.

Please note that refilling prescriptions will have a 24 hr turnaround and will be dispensed once approved by a veterinarian. Alternatively you may apply online on our prescription page!

Dental care

Good dental hygiene is just as important for our pets as it is for us.  Poor dental health not only damages gums, it can also contribute to heart and liver disease and systemic infection. Our pets also suffer from the same discomfort and pain associated with poor dentition as a human.

There are a number of products which are available over the counter, such as tooth brushes, tooth paste, water and food additives and special diets which you can use at home to keep your pet’s teeth healthy but sometimes a dental needs to be performed under general anaesthetic to remove plaque and calculus which has built up over the years and to remove dead, diseased and fractured teeth.

Both the Broadford Vet Clinic and the Wallan Vet Clinic are equipped with the latest in ultrasonic scalers to thoroughly clean and polish your pet’s teeth under general anaesthetic. Our top of the range iM3 dental units are equipped with drills used to section teeth with multiple roots, ensuring a less traumatic removal and improved recovery, and antibacterial mouth washes.


Referral service

In times of serious strife, Central Highlands Veterinary Clinic offers referrals to specialist veterinary centers in the Melbourne CBD.  We always receive excellent feedback from clients who have been referred to our specialists, who offer MRI scans, chemotherapy, and support during specialist surgeries.

Central Highlands Veterinary Clinic also hosts visiting eye specialists and can organize consultations for patients with ocular degeneration.

House calls

Central Highlands Veterinary Clinic staff will perform house call to large animal cases* to stock in the local area.  We also understand that in some instances it is impossible to get our smaller pets into the clinic and where possible, under special circumstances, will perform house calls to dogs.

*Please note that large animal call outs will require the client to have their stock contained in a yard or crush before the Vet’s arrival.  All pregnancy tests, castration of older bulls/ rams/ bucks and cattle hoof trimming will require the provision of a crush. Payment is required at time of service.

Payment Plans

Central Highlands Veterinary Clinic understands that sometimes our pets become unwell or are injured at the very worst time for our budgets.  The solution is a payment plan! Vetpay allows clients to apply online from the comfort of their own home and be preapproved within 24 hrs.  Alternatively let us start the process for you and receive pre-approval for up to $2000 within minutes.  You may select a direct debit or credit card payment method and pay the account off over 12 months in fortnightly installments.

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